Monday, October 26, 2009

Cute Cat Photos

"Peeky boo...."

"...I see you"

Cats love places that are private. They love to curl up in areas where they feel safe and can observe their surroundings. Choose cat perches on dressers and high spots in the room.

"How did he get in there and…

"...better do I get him out?"

Cats are naturally curious and love things that move. Make sure you have some items of interet around your home to keep your cat interested in life. Bird feeders, screened-in porches or screened windows are ways cats can enjoyed the outside while safely inside.

"Twinkle, twinkle...little star…"

" I wonder where you are".

Kittens are adorable and they make even the most mundane thing "fun". For example, kittens make you smile even when you are emptying your grocery bags as they play in, on and under them. Aren't these kitties adorable? Remember, the most expensive toys are not always the favorite ones.

"Come on big boy – faster...!"

"Gitty up"

Look at this kittens face. I can't figure out what he is really saying or thinking. Although cute, he doesn't look like the smartest kitten we've ever seen. What do you think?

"Hey – come back. It was just a little snack"

"I was just 'looking'!"

Please remember that it is important to kitten proof your home. Kittens can get into almost anything. A common injury is when they get under or in recliners and get crushed. They can also easily be injured by closing door. Be extra careful if you have a kitten in your home.

"I’ll tell you what I really think..."

"....but then I’d have to kill you".

To be honest, we have no idea what this cat is doing in this photograph. Is he in a half yawn? Hiss? Meow? Chattering? Who knows! Isn't it interesting how expressive cats can be?

"Come on and give me another chance..."

"I’ll get it this time".

Kittens love to play. Make sure you have plent of safe toys. The most dangerous toys are ones that can be chewed or swallowed. Many cats have a tendency toward eating linear objects such as yarn, thread, ribbon and string. Make sure all such objects are unavailable to your cat. They can cause life-threatening foreign bodies that require surgical removal.

"What......? What?......"

"What are you looking at?"

Isn't he a cutie pie? For some reason...cats love sinks. Many cats will play in the water and others will just curl up for a nap. This kitten seems to want some attention when you get out of the bath!

"Hey, What about me?"

"My turn then you get it"

Kittens love to lay and it is important that you have plenty of things that stimulate them. This toy is a good one as well as those plastic circles that look like a donut and have a ping-pong type ball in the center (which they bat round and round). Another fun game it to pounce a ping-pong ball in the empty bath tub. Some kittens love that!

"I got it, I got it..."

"Even though it is some weird blue color..."

Furry type mice toys are one of the very favorite toys of cats. However, if your cat has ever had these toys - for some reason if they tail ever falls off, they quit playing with it. We have no idea why.

"Cool comes naturally to me..."

"...what about you?"

Some cats are just born cool. Other are just plain funny. This is one cool cat. Do you have a cool cat? If so, send us his photo! We'd love to see it.

"Don’t tell anyone but when I’m alone...."

"I love that Michael Jackson song"

Some music made for pets claims to actually have healing and stress-relieving powers. The company Healing Touch for Animals produces and sells a music CD, "Healing Music for Animals & Their People" According to the company. "The sound travels through the body promoting a movement of expansion and contraction that helps release blockages held within the body."

"Hummm...its a bird, it’s a plane...."

"’s just a bug"

Some cats really like toys that mimic motion. A favorite of many cats is called the feathery flyer. They consist of a wand with a string and end pieces that attach. Some pieces are feathers that mimic the motion of birds or little tails. Many cats absolutely love them.

For Y0u V0LTA !!

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